Welcome to the Association for Facilities Engineering (Susquehanna-Chapter 45) Website. Chapter activities and contacts are provided at this site to better inform you about our organization, and the facilities engineering profession.

For membership registration forms and a broad and more complete perspective of the AFE and the facilities profession, we invite you to visit the national headquarters website,  AFE offers national  trade shows and technical conferences, certification programs, a job bank, and a host of other services,  and if facilities engineering is your profession you won’t want to miss out. Local Chapter 45 information and activities are found in the Membership section.

Monthly meeting announcements are sent to members and prospective members via e-mail instead of by mail. In addition, check the  Announcements section of this web page for recent meeting information.

Come join us! If the prospect of membership to AFE is entertaining your thoughts and you would like to attend a meeting, please forward your contact information to Richard  Heiden at, or R. W. Heiden Associates, PO Box 5001, Lancaster, PA 17606-5001, or call 717 299 6860